Melissa and the Green Blanket

A review by Guy Van Duser

Delightful! I've been waiting for a story as well-told and as musical as this ever since Chet Atkins and Amy Grant recorded The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat!

Melissa's green blanket I can recognize as the one I had as a child, only mine might have been blue. Julie's narration and Craig's guitar accompaniment, impeccably recorded, are perfect complements to each other, and along with David Moon's disarmingly simple drawings, they honor the way Melissa feels about her green blanket as she relates to the world around her.

I've always thought the best stories for children are the ones that give us a glimpse of the way children construct their understanding of the world. This little gem of a recording does just that, with simple elegance and a touch of magic.

-Guy Van Duser

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