The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed

From Hal Leonard Publications


The definitive book on Jerry Reed's innovative and unique guitar style, featuring twelve of his classic instrumentals from the 1960's to the 1990's.

Includes: Swingin' '69; Swarmin'; Stump Water; Nut Sundae; The Mad Russian; Jerry's Breakdown; Pickie, Pickie, Pickie; Two Timin'; Steeplechase Lane; Funky Junk; A Major Attempt At A Minor Thing; Seidina (First Born).

In notation and tab, with performance tips, background notes, and chord diagrams. Interview with Jerry Reed, letters from Chet Atkins and Paul Yandell, Reed backup style, licks from classic Reed recordings like Amos Moses, Lord Mr. Ford, and A Thing Called Love, photos, and discography. 79 pages.


          - Jerry Reed


The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed book:

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