The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed

Review by Jim Coen, Country Guitar magazine, Summer 1995

If you're looking for an E-Z approach to playing Jerry Reed's material, forget it. This analysis of Reed's distinct and much-copied style is a serious book for serious pickers. Besides including, in both tablature and standard notation, transcriptions to 12 of Reed's most impressive instrumentals (such as Jerry's Breakdown, Nut Sundae, and Swarmin'), author Craig Dobbins goes an extra step by preceding each tune with extensive notes on any unorthodox fingerings employed by Reed. Dobbins also explores the most important techniques that have made Reed a country guitar hero. His famous "clawin'" style of playing back-up is explained, and a collection of some of his greatest licks concludes the book. An audio cassette of Dobbins performing these pieces is available (though not included with the book), and is highly recommended as a study aid. If you're ready to "claw" your way to the top with Jerry Reed, this book is essential. Rating: Four stars.

-Jim Coen

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