Coming soon: The Gretsch Chet Atkins CGP model!



Lately I've been spending time with one of the prototypes of the forthcoming Gretsch Chet Atkins CGP.

It's a reproduction of Chet's one-of-a-kind solid top 6120, which he used on classic 1950's albums like Fingerstyle Guitar. Paul Yandell and the folks at Gretsch have been working hard to get everything as close as possible to Chet's guitar, including the Ray Butts designed pickups (re-created by TV Jones) and the stereo wiring. (That's right, stereo. You can send the treble and bass strings to separate channels or effects.)

It's a great instrument, inspiring to play, and it really nails that '50's Chet sound. Thanks to Paul and Joe Carducci of Gretsch for making it happen. I've recorded a few short clips so you can hear the guitar. (My pickin' may not be the best, but the guitar sounds great!)

P.S. The projected release date for the guitar is Fall 2008.


Blue Ocean Echo- mono, both pickups, with multiple repeat echo.

Foggy Mountain Top- medium stereo pan, with different reverb settings on bass and treble strings.

Harmonized G scale- wide stereo pan.

I'll Fly Away- echo on treble strings.

In the Good Old Summertime- echo on bass strings.

Chet Lick- both pickups

Oh! By Jingo- mono, bridge pickup only, echo.


And here's a clip of Paul Yandell himself playing the CGP.

Lover Come Back

(originally posted 2008)

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