The Prismatone II Pickup

I recently took delivery of a new McCullough Clawmaster guitar. It's a replica of Jerry Reed's famous "chopped" cutaway gut string guitar, now owned by Paul Yandell. (You can see a photo of Jerry's guitar on Paul's website, or watch Jerry play it on YouTube.)

What makes my Clawmaster really special is the Prismatone II pickup, engineered and manufactured by my friend Sam Kennedy of Houston, Texas. Sam has been quietly working for a few years on duplicating the original Prismatone, and he has done a fantastic job. Paul Yandell has lent his considerable knowledge and support to the project as well. According to Paul, "It sounds great, just like the old ones." (As you can see, it looks like the old ones, too.)

I have had the pleasure of consulting with Sam and Paul on this project for almost a year. Basically, my job has been to test the prototypes, record examples for review by Paul and Sam, and offer an opinion now and then. It's been very rewarding, and great fun too!

I've recorded a few short clips so you can hear the Prismatone II in action. (As I've said before, my pickin' may not be the best, but the pickup sounds great!)

Note: Sam Kennedy is not currently building Prismatone pickups.


Here's a clip of me playing a few Jerry Reed licks on a test guitar equipped with one of the prototype pickups.

Here's another clip of me playing a few more Reed licks, this time on the Clawmaster with the Prismatone II.


(originally posted 2009)

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